The Bachelor’s Sam Has Responded To Sophie’s Claim That He’s “Full Of Sh*t”

"I know the truth in my heart"

The Bachelor’s Sam Has Responded To Sophie’s Claim That He’s “Full Of Sh*t” Channel 10

Double Delight Sam Cochrane has spoken out once more following his eviction from the Bachelorette mansion. 

Following his failed attempt to win over Sophie Monk, Sam Cochrane has been making a few headlines with the stories he's been spreading.

Initially, the voice-over actor stated that he and Sophie had shared another sneaky pash which never made it to air. However, it didn't take long for the Bachelorette to hit back, claiming that the kiss was only a "peck" and that it probably didn't make it to air because “it made [Sophie] feel really uncomfortable."

Now, Sam has spoken out once more, this time with a video of himself and his mother singing a cover of Billy Joel's 'She's Always A Woman'

In the video posted to Instagram, the 31-year-old wrote: 

"Women.... Here is a song about how beautiful and complex they are while sitting next to the woman that taught me to love. My mum. This was the night I got out of the mansion.

"Negativity has begun since getting out and I was about to defend myself with evidence. Only part truths made it to the screen and I know the truth in my heart. .... Why battle? - there is enough of that sh*t in the world and let’s face it. All we need is love."


Interesting, veerrrrrry interesting! 

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