The Bachelor’s Heather Maltman Opens Up About Lesbian Relationship

"So many people judge."

The Bachelor’s Heather Maltman Opens Up About Lesbian Relationship Heather Mailman Instagram

The Hit Network’s Heather Maltman has revealed she is bisexual, opening up to Confidential about her first love amidst the SSM Yes vote. 

“It’s hard being bi,” the Hit90.9 Sea FM Gold Coast radio host told the publication. 

“As so many people judge it or make fun. To me, I see people I am attracted to and wonderful souls, not a gender.”

Heather revealed she was 19-year-old when she fell in love with a girl named Renee. 

“Together we became inseparable. Without knowing. I had fallen completely in love with her. I was over the hills for her.

“She is still one of my closest friends in this world. You never get over your first love. 

“As soon as this vote came in she was the first person I thought of and I just cried. I’m so happy that the Aussie government can finally see what we truly want.

“And at the end of the day. Why fight it? Does it really effect your life if I loved a girl once? Nope.”

The two have indeed remained good friends. After the survey results were announced, Heather took to Instagram to share their history. 


“This lady was my first, and to this day only girlfriend I've ever had,” she wrote. 

“If I had ever married a woman. It would have and always would have been. This legend. Finally the government is catching up. @reneebroome 🌈🙏❤️ #marriageequality I was such a lesbian for you. Hahahahhahaha #yes #loveislove.” 

“Love is Love 🌈 @heather_maltman and we gotta stand up for the B’s in LGBT!!” Renee replied. “Keep slaying queen xx 😘.” 

This survey result has brought out nothing but love across Australia and we are loving it!