Tammin Sursock Has Opened Up About Mental Illness & Motherhood

This is a must-read!

Tammin Sursock Has Opened Up About Mental Illness & Motherhood Tammin Sursok Instagram

Actress Tammin Sursok has written a passionate piece on her website Bottles & Heels about being a woman, motherhood and burning out. 

The 34-year-old has shared her experience of how she realised she had put too much pressure on herself, attempting to balance her career whilst trying to be the ‘perfect’ mother. 

After speaking with her therapist, Tammin was told she had simply “experienced a burnout” and was advised to take a much-needed break.

“A burnout, I thought. Can a 34-year-old really even go through that?" she wrote. 

“I know that I feel like I'm the dregs and leftovers of my former self but does that mean I'm prematurely mid-life crisis-ing all over the place?”

She was advised to “take a break. For a week, a month. Eat, swim, laugh… not forever but for a beat.”

It was only then, when she gave in to some ‘me time’ that Tammin realised she was drained due to the pressures of being a woman. 

“The narrative for women is changing but the biology of women is not. To 'have it all', a woman must work as hard as a male, if not more, to prove that she is worthy and qualified.

"Then in our “spare time” pop out a few kids with zero pain and zero help (because you chose to have a child, so why the hell should anyone provide you aid). And if that isn’t enough, the cacophony of people’s opinions on years long breastfeeding and better child development co-sleeping leaves one in a self-defeated, wasted mess.”


She explained that taking her therapist's advise “didn’t come easy”

“The almost painful chatter in my right side of my brain made it borderline impossible to stop. But like riding a bike, self-care started to become a minuscule part of my daily routine.

“To change the way that women can possibly ‘have it all’ we must realise that we need to make space for ourselves.

“This was the first time I didn’t feel guilty… And for the first time since March, I started to feel better. 

Read her entire post here! 

Thank you, Tammin for reminding all woman and parents that it is okay to step back, even if just for a moment, to take care of themselves!