Sylvia Jeffreys Slams Delta Goodrem's Online Abuse

"Delta's abuse is disgusting"

Sylvia Jeffreys Slams Delta Goodrem's Online Abuse

Image Credit: Sylvia Jeffreys / Delta Goodrem Instagram

Sylvia Jeffreys has written a letter to Delta Goodrem’s online trolls and you might wanna take a read!

We have absolutely no idea why people think that abuse is okay of any sort… all that we know is that it needs to stop.

Sylvia has had enough of the online abuse targeted at Delta and to be honest we feel everything she is saying.

The TODAY show host started off the letter for Nine Honey by writing, "I don’t often give much weight to the senseless hate I read online. But something has upset me so much this week that I feel compelled to address it. I’m talking about the disgusting abuse aimed at Delta Goodrem.”

Websites whipped themselves into a frenzy on Sunday night over a so called “social media meltdown” triggered by the singer’s “extravagant antics" during the latest round of blind auditions on The Voice. One article pointed out that twice… Yes, TWICE *insert shocked face emoji* "Delta dramatically hit her button with her feet, as she writhed seductively in her seat”.


She added, “The article goes on, as others have, to publish a selection of nasty tweets from viewers, who don’t like the way she dances, sits in her seat, or moves her arms. Some of the posts contain so much anger, so much vitriol I can’t help but wonder if there’s something they know - that I don’t - about the ramifications of belting a buzzer with the wrong body part. Kelly Rowland kicked her buzzer on Monday night and the ground below her didn’t cave in. The hate is just not rational – it’s also totally unwarranted. I’ve read comments that are downright abusive, threatening and intimidating. It needs to stop now.”

Aside from her undeniable, indisputable talent, Delta is supremely kind. She radiates warmth and makes everyone in her presence feel like a dear friend. If any of these internet haters came face to face with Delta, they would melt into a pathetic little puddle of regret.”


We couldn’t agree with more, Delta always goes above and beyond for everyone she comes into contact with and always, ALWAYS puts them first.

Sylvia ended her letter with a plea to her readers, "Please, I beg of you this: If you find yourself sitting on the couch on Sunday night, brimming with rage that has nowhere to go, pick up your phone, take a deep breath, and rather than tapping out another regrettable tweet, do a google search on North Korea or Zaatari Refugee Camp... Send your rage somewhere it deserves to be."

Maybe people aren’t just educated enough. So if that is the case. You can check just some of the things Delta has achieved here.

It’s about time that people in Australia stood up for each other and we love that women in the industry are building each other up instead of dragging each other down

Thank you, Sylvia.

Check out the full letter here!