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Stan Walker’s Biggest Fear During His Terrifying Cancer Battle

We're so glad he's recovering!

Stan Walker’s Biggest Fear During His Terrifying Cancer Battle Instagram @ Alex King Photography / Stan Walker

The nation was heartbroken when it was revealed that Stan Walker had inherited a cancer gene that had previously killed 25 of his family members. 

Now, in his new documentary Stan Walker: The Fight For His Life, he has opened up about his terrifying ordeal with his battle to beat his cancer. 


Stan told viewers what it was like to be informed everything would change,and that despite his regular check-ups, he was told he had inherited the cancer gene that killed 25 of his family members. 

His mother had actually insisted he go for a check-up, as she believe he may have inherited the cancer gene. 

Indeed, Stan was diagnosed with gastric cancer, caused by a faulty CDH1 gene, meaning his stomach would have to be removed.  

Stan told the documentary makers, “I went for a routine check-up and two weeks later, I found out I had cancer.

“I‘m like a fifth generation who’s got this, not just the gene but the cancer as well.”

During his battle, Stan lost a lot of weight, and while in hospital said, “I hate this. I just want to eat good. I want to put weight on and be healthy.

“And then, you know, just more things come up. More health issues and back in hospital. Just in this last two days I’ve already lost weight and I’m getting skinnier and skinnier.”


Stan revealed he shares the gene with his mother. 

“My dad doesn’t have it. They come from the same families with the same gene. My brothers don’t have it. My sister doesn’t have it. I was a little bit, like, down because I was like, it’s just me and mum.

“But, at the same time, I was like, ‘Oh, thank you, Jesus, they don’t have to go through the unknown.”

He also opened up about how terrified he was that the operation could affect his singing ability. 

“When I think about it, honestly, like, if it affects my singing, that’s when I get actually kinda scared. My oesophagus is getting disconnected from my stomach and it’s getting connected to my bowel.

“Of course there’s gonna be changes. Oesophagus is the throat. That’s where everything comes out of. My power. It’s affecting my korokoro, my throat.

“Man, I don’t know. Far out if it changes my voice. Oh, my gosh, I’m gonna lose it.”


His surgery resulted in him waking up with seven holes in his body, as a result of removing his stomach, and he also suffered post-operator complications which included a collapsed lung. 

“Last night was the hardest night. I still haven’t been to sleep. I’m still struggling to breathe and my stomach feels so different. Man, I hate needles with a passion all my life.

“They were all expecting me to, like, get up and walk around. I’m like, far out, I’m — I’m scared.

“...It’s Thursday. I won’t be out till like Monday or Tuesday. There’s nothing going in my mouth besides liquids going in my veins. ‘Course I’m gonna lose weight. So just, hopefully, I don’t lose my strength. Like, you know, I don’t want to be struggling to just get up.

“Like that’s quite scary. Feels like I’m dying. In a way. Like, I don’t know ... I just ... Yeah, I never thought I’d be like this.”

Stan is now back performing and hasn’t lost the beautiful voice he is so proud to have, and is now advocating for clean eating and completely changing his lifestyle. 


“I feel like a lot of our people and a lot of people in the world today, including myself, are constantly abusing our bodies and are constantly abusing ourselves, and we’re not living to our full potential.

“We’re eating crap. And that crap is, you know, doing things to our bodies. It’s making us lethargic. It’s affecting our brains and it’s affecting the way that we see ourselves and, like, just function in everyday life, you know.

“Our mental state. It’s affecting everything. But, like, I’m at the beginning of my journey and I’m starting to understand more and I’m starting to get it more that it’s so important to look after myself.”


We are so glad to hear that Stan is on the up and up, and wish him all the best!


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