Sonia Kruger Narrowly Avoided A HUGE Disaster On Live TV

She was lucky!

Sonia Kruger Narrowly Avoided A HUGE Disaster On Live TV

Image Credit: Channel Nine. 

Over the years, we have seen some HUGE mistakes go down on live TV. 

Think back to Next Top Model, The Academy Awards and the Miss Universe Pageant… it doesn’t go well AT ALL. 


Luckily for Sonia Kruger, she narrowly missed going down in the books of TV slip ups, because she almost made a major mistake while hosting The Voice Australia

Sonia spoke to about the incident, saying, “There was an awkwardly long pause and I think people thought it was for dramatic effect, but it wasn’t.”

Just before announcing the contestants who would proceed to the finals is when the error almost occurred. 

"Last week when I got to the first elimination, two of my cards had stuck together,... I said, "the person going through to the grand finale is..." but I couldn’t find the card with the results on it. I was shuffling the cards and I just couldn’t find the one I needed.”

Sonia told the publication that she then began to panic as the show’s producers and director told her to go on with the show. 

"The director was yelling at me through the earpiece, ‘read on, read on!’ But I couldn’t read on because I couldn’t find the card.”

Eventually, Sonia was fed the info through her earpiece so she didn’t have to tell everyone what was going on whilst on air. 

Luck she didn’t tell everyone the wrong names!

Would have been Steve Harvey all over again…


We can’t wait to see how the finalists go in the finals!

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