Shannon Noll Has Finally Spoken Out About What Went Down That Night He Was Arrested

Now we know the truth!

Shannon Noll Has Finally Spoken Out About What Went Down That Night He Was Arrested

Image Credit: Shannon Noll Instagram

We ALL remember that infamous moment in January when Shannon Noll was arrested for alleged assault outside of a strip club in Adelaide.

Last month, the charges on Shannon were dropped. Now, the singer has finally spoken out about what really went down that night.

Shannon spoke to The Daily Telegraph and he revealed that the only reason they ever went inside the strip club was to escape “drunk” fans.

They noticed a bunch of them outside after the show and they started yelling out things to Shannon and his band, so they quickly ran inside the Crazy Horse strip club.


A few hours later, Shannon left alone after a disagreement inside at the bar over payment.

Shannon told the outlet that he got into an argument with the manager and they decided to go outside to discuss it.

The singer remembers that one thing led to another and the conversation got very heated, an onlooker, who was no way connected to the venue then punched him in the temple and kicked him to the ground.

That is what was shown on the video that went viral across the country.

The police soon arrived after and Shannon was arrested and charged with assault after they believed he assaulted a security guard.

Shannon continued, “I didn't assault anyone, I didn't punch anyone, I didn't push anyone. I did get up in their grill.

“I can't say the same thing for what happened to me though. The police took me straight to hospital.”

Even though things have settled now that the charges have been dropped, Shannon did reveal that he was “doghouse for a while” with his wife Rochell.


Believe it or not, but since the event, Shannon has banned after shows drinks from his shows… and well, we don’t blame him.

We are so glad they got to the bottom of everything!