Samuel Johnson's Sister Connie Back In Hospital With Infection

She is so strong...

Samuel Johnson's Sister Connie Back In Hospital With Infection

Image Credit: Love Your Sister Facebook

Samuel Johnson's sister Connie Johnson has just returned home after being rushed to hospital with an infection.

Connie was forced to stop treatment after her long 10-year battle with cancer after they discovered there was nothing they could do to help her.

This week, Connie spent time in the Canberra Cancer Centre and once she returned home she took to the Love Your Sister Facebook page with an update for her followers.


She posted a picture of herself soaking in the bath with the caption, "Glad to be home from the hospital after my engine had a four hour express overhaul at the Canberra Cancer Centre. It turns out I have a bunch of cheeky microbes who think that this weeks party is at chez moi!"

Adding, "Enjoying the unexpected luxury of soaking in a bath. Warm water — natures answer to morphine.


Australia has fallen in love with both Connie and Samuel after they have shared their story, which has touched the whole country.

Even with everything she is going through, she still is thinking of others who are also suffering.

Connie added to the post, “There are thousands of people in hospital today with cancer. I'm thinking of you and hope you get to go home to your loved ones and a few of your favourite things very soon.”

This just shows how beautiful and caring she is.


We are so glad Connie is back in the comfort of her home.