Samuel Johnson Has Revealed What He Was Going To Say At The Logies

This is his full acceptance speech...

Samuel Johnson Has Revealed What He Was Going To Say At The Logies

Image: Channel Nine

Cast your mind back to this year's TV Week Logie Awards.

Actor Samuel Johnson won the Gold Logie for his role in Molly, a miniseries where he played Molly Meldrum during his first few years on Australian television.

Samuel came out from retirement to play the character and was gobsmacked when he was announced as the night's big winner.

As you may remember, his acceptance speech was interrupted by Molly himself, who congratulated his friend on the win and presented him with a gold stetson hat.


Sam clearly wasn't able to read out his acceptance speech in its entirety and so, today, he decided to share it online.

He posted the speech on Mammamia and guys, you may need a tissue for this one.

The speech is moving and an absolute tear jerker and towards the end of it, he thanked social media for the part it plays in his everyday life.

“Facebook has apparently been helping to swing voting results lately.

"It should be noted that I am the co-founder of an active, committed, now near 400,000-strong Facebook village, called Love Your Sister.

"I’m sure there’s many reasons why a record number of people voted for the Logies this year, you could argue it’s because commercial television has never been more relevant and popular, but equally you could argue it has something to do with our gang of ratbags wanting nothing more than to see their snotty little brother get up here and have a crack.

"As much as I should dedicate this golden beauty to my sisters Connie and Hilde, for being such awesome boneheads, or to Molly for backing me in, I think it’s only right that I dedicate this instead, to each and every good egg that has gathered around our family over the last several years.

"You’re all lunatics, and I love you and you have my thanks for giving me a place where I don’t have to be other people.

"Where I don’t have to put my smile on if I don’t want to.

"A place where we write our own script and tell our own stories.

"This puppy can’t be for anyone but you guys."


Sam planned on ending the speech by urging viewers to head to

The website ended up crashing on Logies night anyway, because of the large amount of traffic it received following his speech.

We love you Sam and your speech was wonderful!