Sam Armytage Called Herself Beautiful & Was Flooded With Hate

Trolls went TOO far

Sam Armytage Called Herself Beautiful & Was Flooded With Hate Instagram @ Sam Armytage / Channel Seven

Samantha Armytage has built a respected career for herself, showing us all that hard work really pays off.

With all the accolades she’s got up her sleeve, you’d hope she knows exactly how talented and beautiful she is, so that younger generations can learn from the confidence she has. 


Well, she does and isn’t afraid to shine with confidence, because she knows who she is and stands strong in it. 

But when she called herself beautiful recently, so-called fans flipped their lids and flooded her social media with hate, all because she’d had some confidence in her own body, heart and soul, to tell everyone what others already tell her. 

She called herself beautiful in her recent article in Stellar magazine, writing in part, "don’t attack me for being beautiful,” and, “if you don’t think I’m beautiful, then you’re entitled to your opinion (but you’d be wrong).”


Cruel remarks then flooded the net, from things like, "Who in the heck is she trying to kid? Her mirror mirror on the wall is telling her porkies,” and “No one's attacking you because you're beautiful. Let's get that [sic] straight right now, your [sic] over the hill sweetheart. You are criticised for being up yourself and arrogant. #hubris #annoyingwoman [sic].”

In the age of acceptance we’re supposed to be living in, this behaviour is appalling. Her excellent article was overlooked and instead, trolls decided to pinpoint and attack her confidence. 


It seems like everyone loves to hate women who notice and take ownership of their own beauty, and that is a MAJOR problem. 

We need to stop with the tall poppy syndrome, pulling everyone down when they achieve success and have the confidence in themselves that we wish we had. 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if your eyes aren’t beholding another person’s beauty, keep it to yourself. 

Let’s all band together to show our support for Sam, because she IS beautiful!



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