Ryan Reynolds’ Twilight Joke Has Twi-Hards Divided

WHAT is going on..?

Ryan Reynolds’ Twilight Joke Has Twi-Hards Divided

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment / Instagram @ Vancityreynolds/ Twitter.

Tbh, we are going to love anything that has Ryan Reynolds attached to it. 

But when you scroll through Ryan’s Twitter page, how could you not fall in love with his sense of humour just a lil’ bit more?

Well, Ryan’s latest joke online has Twi-Hards divided, as Ryan wished Canada Happy Birthday and brought the Twilight film into the equation.

“150 is nothing. It’s like, Robert Pattinson’s age in the Twilight Movies.”


Since posting the tweet, Twi-Hards have questioned back and forth the actual age of Edward Cullen and, well, they seem to be reaching no conclusion… 

Okay, so Edward was born in 1901, turned into a vampire in 1918 when he was seventeen years old, and if you add the numbers then he would now be about 116 years old, right?

Even though he technically is 17 forever.

But it seems like no one can agree on any of this. 


One Canadian definitely did NOT like being compared to the Twilight films, though… 

Of course, Ryan will keep being Ryan and we will love him for it.