Ryan Reynolds Cast As ‘Pikachu’ In Live-Action Pokemon Film

How will this work...

Ryan Reynolds Cast As ‘Pikachu’ In Live-Action Pokemon Film

This might have missed your radar:

Ryan Reynolds has been announced as Pikachu in the new film Detective Pikachu. 

Sound kinda odd to you, too? 

Dw, same… 

The Deadpool actor was announced as the Pokemon character in the first ever LIVE ACTION film.

The Pokemon characters are set to be motion-captured, and we’re more than just a little curious as to how Ryan will tackle this one. 

The synopsis of the film goes as such:

A teen (Justice Smith) teams up with a journalist (Kathryn Newton), as well as Detective Pikachu (Reynolds), to find his kidnapped father. 

The film is based on the Japanese game, which involves Pikachu solving crimes. 

We assume that he will be able to say more than just ‘Pikachu’ this time around. 

It was announced yesterday that Ryan would be playing the iconic character by The Hollywood Reporter

While some are psyched to have Ryan in Pikachu’s shoes, some fans had other ideas...


Good luck with this one, Ryan!