Richie Strahan's Next Move Might SLAM Those Break Up Rumours

What is going on?!

Richie Strahan's Next Move Might SLAM Those Break Up Rumours Instagram @ Richie Strahan / Alex Nation

Amid rumours that former Bachelor star Richie Strahan and his partner Alex Nation have called it quits, Richie is reportedly in the process of selling his Perth home and moving on.

Rumours have been circling for months now that the two split, after Richie refused to confirm or deny questions as to whether they were still together, and now, according to Domain, his newly renovated four-bedroom home in Cloverdale, Perth, is on the market. 

Image: Welsh Real Estate. 

Despite everyone thinking things aren't great in Love-ville for the couple, the move to sell his former Bachelor pad could be the hope we've been waiting for, as it is believed that Richie will be permanently moving to Melbourne, where Alex Nation is based. 

Richie revealed to the Real Estate site, "I'm hoping my new location isn't as cold as I'm being told it will be."

Everyone goes on about how cold Melbourne can be... are Richie and Alex taking things to the next level and completely moving in together?!

Or are they going to break our hearts and pull a plot twist on us?

We sincerely hope the love still goes on for these two.