Rachael Finch Taken To Court For Using The Word ‘Bod’

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Rachael Finch Taken To Court For Using The Word ‘Bod’ Instagram @ Rachael Finch

We’ve all used the word ‘bod’ to abbreviate the word ‘body’, right? We’ll say something along the lines of, ‘I want to get my summer bod ready’, or ‘dayum, look at that persons hot bod!’

Well, Rachael Finch uses the word, too, but the difference between us and her is that she’s just been taken to court for using it… 


According to the Courier Mail, Gold Coast fitness social media star, Sophie Guidolin, 28, has taken Rachael, 29, to court over her using of the word in her new range of activewear, titled, B.O.D. 

Sophie told the court, via her lawyer, that she is known as ‘The Bod’ to her 64,000 Instagram followers and mass of Facebook followers, with her brand name being exactly that. 


Despite Sophie’s statements of having used the term ‘The Bod’ as her brand name (for her fitness and nutritional programs, as well as clothing and exercise products) for many years, Justice Nye Perram turned in favour of Rachael, dismissing Sophie’s application for an injunction to stop Rachel from selling her new line at Myer under the name. 


Sophie stated she used the bran an for her clothing and exercise equipment products from April 2016, while Rachael used the ‘B.O.D by Finch’ on her health and fitness products from 2017. 

Sophie has also stated that Rachael signed an agreement NOT to use the name, with her lawyer telling the court that Rachael’s line breaks this agreement. 


It has since been agreed by Rachael’s lawyers that she will remove all references to BOD on her social media and website, but she is allowed to use B.O.D for her activewear. 

Rachael’s B.O.D stands for Body Of Dance. 

This case is set to return to court in January, 2018.