P!nk’s ‘Who Knew’ Is The Advice We ALL Need In Life

Thank you, Alecia

P!nk’s ‘Who Knew’ Is The Advice We ALL Need In Life MTV

P!nk is our go to woman for all things in the advice department. 

She is a talented and strong woman, who stands by her morals and is raising her children to be truly remarkable beings. 

But it turns out that she’s also been trying to help raise us all over the years, through her music, by delivering us songs that speak to us in ways only she can. 

Case in point, her hit 2009 song ‘Who Knew’.


You’re probably thinking, how the hell could a song have helped to raise me?!

Well, it’s the meaning of the song and how we can all relate to it that has helped us all through some pretty dark times. 

Especially when it comes to relationship and friendship break ups. 

We’ve all been in a relationship where we think it will never end. 

We can all relate to the lyrics:

"You took my hand / You showed me how / You promised me you'd be around…

"I took your words / And I believed / In everything You said to me...

"If someone said three years from now / You'd be long gone / I'd stand up and punch them out / Cause they're all wrong / I know better / Cause you said forever.”

Sound familiar?


Just like P!nk, we get to points in our life where we won’t listen to the advice of others, even when we need to. 

We put all our eggs in one basket and sometimes it blows up in our face, and our hearts end up broken. 

“When someone said count your blessings now / 'fore they're long gone / I guess I just didn't know how / I was all wrong / They knew better / Still you said forever / And ever / Who knew."


In an interview with MTV, she revealed that the song was about how we deal with loss. 

"You're best friends forever, and then three years later you haven't seen each other in two years — what happened? You grow apart and people come in and out of your life for different reasons, seasons.

"It's just the grieving process. You can look at somebody, he might be right there, and the next Monday he might not be."

Through showing us that she’s been through the same sh@# as us, but has still come out strong and on top of life. P!nk was able to help us get through those dark times. 


She helped us grieve and move on.

She showed us that everyone goes through this stuff in different ways, but we are all united in our struggles - and that we can ALL get through it. 

P!nk is the role model we all need in this day and age, and we are so grateful to have had her music to help us through the tough times. 

He’s the shoulder we’ve been able to lean on when we felt like we had no one at all. 

Thank you, Alecia

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