OPINION: Stop The Cruelty & Leave Ed Westwick's Girlfriend ALONE

Focus on the issue at hand

OPINION: Stop The Cruelty & Leave Ed Westwick's Girlfriend ALONE Instagram @ Jessica Michel

Ed Westwick has been the centre of media attention of late, after two women have stepped forward to share their stories, accusing the actor of sexually assaulting them. 

Their harrowing stories were shared on social media, and have led to an investigation into the claims by authorities. 

Ed has since denied the claims, stating that he does not know the women and that he is cooperating with police to clear his name. While no statements have been issued on Ed’s sexual assault allegations, the public has taken to the internet to openly slam the actor for the claims. 

However, scorned fans have also taken to Ed’s girlfriends’ social media pages to rip her to shreds and partly blame her for the claims made against him. 

This is a call for this to STOP.

This is NOT the time nor place for this behaviour. 

This is a call, for the sake of men and women everywhere, to leave Ed Westwick’s girlfriend alone and focus on the issue at hand. 


Ed and girlfriend Jessica Serfaty have long been a source of fan envy, but there has been a long standing trend of users openly criticising Jessica for her parenting, and now for her relationship with Ed as a result of the sexual assault claims. 

Jessica has openly stated that she doesn’t believe the ‘bulls@#’ claims made against Ed, and that she will be backing her partner throughout this ordeal. 

This has angered online users and a string of cruel and nasty comments have appeared on her recent Instagram posts. 

Users have torn Jessica down, accusing her of being a bad parent, due to her apparent lack of involvement in her son’s, Roman Serfaty, life.

Jessica gave birth to him at 17-years-old, after marrying then husband Ididia Serfaty

After being a stay-at-home mum, the family moved to L.A so she could pursue a career in modelling. Eventually, their relationship sadly ended and she was given the choice to either move to Arkansas to co-parent Roman, or continue her career in L.A and see Roman during holiday and specific periods. 

She chose the latter option and continues to see Roman as much as she can, but still some have gone on to say that this lead her to being in a relationship with a alleged “rap**t.”

This kind of cruelty is NOT okay.

Would people still think the same of a father who made the decision she did? We think not… 


One user wrote, "You are one awful mother, I am so glad I was blessed with an amazing mom who is always there for me no matter what, not like your poor son who was given a really sh***y mother. Smh, you and Ed deserve each other.”

Others wrote things like, "There's a 99.9% chance her son will be emotionally scarred because of his mother abandoning him and his dad. If you don't think it will have a negative effect then you're an ignorant zombie,” and “This girl has a dodgy past. She abandoned her own little son to be famous. She divorced a decent guy and now she's dating a r**ist. Sooner or later God will cut you down.”

Another wrote, "Gotta love a mom who spends more time updating her social media than she does with her own child."


When did it become okay to comment on other people’s lives so nastily? Lives you have NO idea about?

Some took to the comments to defend Jessica, saying, "The courts will decide if Ed is guilty or not, but bullying Jessica for "abandoning" her son is really low... The kids happy with his dad, why are people attacking her?”

"I don’t know them... you don’t know them... you can be in the middle of such negative commenting to each other about a situation that’s outcome has nothing to do with how mean or sarcastic you can be to each other."


Let’s all focus on the real issue at hand - and STOP shifting blame to partners, STOP mum-shaming, STOP spreading hate and just try to make this world a better place.

Whether Ed is guilty or not - Jessica shouldn’t be copping sh#$ for it. 


If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, please contact authorities and seek help. 

For more information on the claims made against Ed Westwick, click HERE