OMG! Zoe Foster-Blake Has Revealed Her Miracle Pregnancy Products

Take notes!

OMG! Zoe Foster-Blake Has Revealed Her Miracle Pregnancy Products

Image: @zotheysay Instagram

It can be quite hard for expectant mothers to feel comfortable when they have a human being growing inside of them.

There are quite a few changes that mothers go through during that 9 month period and not all of them are that great.

Zoe Foster-Blake currently has her second child hanging out in her belly and those changes don't seem to be effecting her at all!

How does she stay so put together whilst carrying a child?


Luckily, Zoe has revealed what products she relies on whilst carrying a child so guys, whip out your pens 'coz you should be taking notes!

The woman of wisdom posted a series of pictures on her Instagram Stories showing what she keeps in her bag during a pregnancy.

The first snap shows a pack of maternity pads, pregnancy support pants, organic hand sanitizer and an a cashmere sweater, 'coz a mum's gotta be comfy, right?!

In snap number two Zoe featured her BodyICE packs.

These bad boys are bean packs that can be used either as heat packs or cooling packs depending on what your body needs most.

Finally, the third snap showed the best thing about a maternity pack... SNACKS!

Every pregnant woman needs snacks 'coz those craving be CRAY!

Now before you head to the shops, Zoe has a few more tips for you too!

To prevent stretch marks, our guardian angel suggests using body oil.


"A question I'm asked lots is what I use to prevent stretch marks.

"Well, here she is, my very own @gotoskincare Exceptionoil.

"I apply all over my tummy, bum, mid-back, tah-tahs, and thighs (especially the upper sides of the thighs), each night.

"I begin this circus at around 10 weeks, and keep it up for a few months post-birth as the skin shrinks.

"(I have stretchies for the record, and they don't bother me, but if I can prevent a tonne more and help my skin stay elastic as I gestate, well, I will.)"

Now go fly my pretties and have the most comfortable pregnancy you can!