Mila Kunis Reveals She “F***ed Up” In Macaulay Culkin Breakup

"I was an a**hole"

Mila Kunis Reveals She “F***ed Up” In Macaulay Culkin Breakup Sonic Youth Song / Fox

Mila Kunis may be living the dream with Ashton Kutcher these days, but there was a time when she dated Macaulay Culkin. 

Everyone was pretty devo when they called it quits, especially because they had no idea why it all went wrong. 

Now, Mila has opened up about that relationship and why it ended. 

Mila spoke with her close friend Dax Shepard recently for his podcast, Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard, talking about her split with Macaulay, after dating him for eight years. 

"I had a horrible, horrible breakup.

Dax asked her to clarify what that meant and if she was sad about it all. 

"No, I f**ked up,” she revealed. 

"I was an a**hole in my 20s and I'll be the first to admit it. And that's something that took me a long time to come out and be like, 'Yeah, you know what, I was a d*ck,' and accept it and I own it.

"And it's f**ked up what I did... It's f**ked up what I did, and it's f**ked up how I did it. When I got to be single I said, I just need to figure myself out. I genuinely need to know why I did what I did and, like, regroup myself as a human being.

"You know, it's been so long, like I feel like enough time has gone by. 

"I think enough mutual friends have been like ... everybody kind of forgave everybody for what went down."

Things may not have ever worked out with Macaulay, but we’re glad they did with Ashton!

Mila and Ashton have now been married for over three years and share two children together.

Were YOU a fan of Mila & Macaulay?


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