Man Robs Bank To Impress Taylor Swift & Throw Cash Over Her Fence

Can someone impress us like this?

Man Robs Bank To Impress Taylor Swift & Throw Cash Over Her Fence Taylor Swift VEVO

We all know that loyal Taylor Swift fans will do anything to get the attention of the woman they worship, but the latest fan antics have us pretty darn shocked. 

According to reports, a 26-year-old man from Connecticut was just charged with robbing a bank, who then travelled all the way to Taylor’s home in Rhode Island to throw the US $1,600 over her fence to impress her… 

Police alleged the man, Bruce Rowley, had robbed an Ansonian bank on April 4 and then headed to Taylor’s place. Taylor was not home at the time of the incident.

Bruce ws arrested a day later, when he was picked up by Rhode Island police who spotted his car heading back to his hometown. Once captured by the police and taken into custody, after they deployed a spike strip to stop his car, he confessed to the robbery. 

Lt. Patrick Lynch, the spokesperson for Ansonia Police, revealed, “It seemed he wanted to propose to her.

“He said he threw some of the money over a fence to impress her.”

Listen, robbing a bank is NEVER acceptable and is a criminal offence, AND money isn’t the way to anyone’s heart (we hope), but we’re laughing on the inside over how this guy was trying to impress millionaire Tay Tay with 1.6K… 

Since being arrested, some of the money he stole has been recovered, but the money thrown over Taylor’s fence has not been found. 

Hey, maybe she got the hint… or one of her grounds keepers got some extra cash on the side.


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