Love Is Dead: Bachie's Sam And Tara Have Broken Up

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Love Is Dead: Bachie's Sam And Tara Have Broken Up

Bachelor In Paradise's Sam and Tara have broken up after getting engaged during the show's finale. 

Sam confirmed the sad news in an Instagram post today. 

"The fairytale that I took part in was deep and surreal. My proposal was meant to be forever but life sometimes takes you away from the dream and you wake up," he wrote.

"So…deep breath.... this has come to an end. I loved Tara with my whole heart and those two people in Fiji fell completely. It’s hard writing this thinking back to those moments. 

"Your joy in our story and the engagement meant so much and I can assure you it is the saddest thing for me to come to terms with."


Tara also took to Instagram, sharing her own message in her Instagram story. 

"Hey guys, as you may already know, Sam and I have decided to end our relationship. Going through a break up in the public eye is very difficult, and I'm sure you can appreciate that we wanted to wait to let everyone know as we wanted to make sure we have made the right decision," she said. 

Tara also assured fans that despite starting on a television show, nothing about their relationship was fake. 

We wish them all the best in the future.

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