Lorde May Just Have A Secret Instagram Dedicated To Onion Rings

Onion rings, anyone?

Lorde May Just Have A Secret Instagram Dedicated To Onion Rings

Image: @lordemusic Instagram

Adele recently revealed that she has a secret Twitter account and we kicked off an investigation to find it.

We also know that Beyoncé has a secret Snapchat where she posts the cutest selfies with her daughter Blue Ivy that we're STILL looking for.

Now, a Lorde superfan is convinced that they’ve found her secret Instagram account that’s dedicated to onion rings!

The account is called @onionringsworldwide and according to New Zealand news website Newshub, there are a few reasons why the fan believes the account does, in fact, belong to Miss Ella Yelich-O’Connor.

Image: @onionringsworldwide Instagram

Firstly, @oinionringswordwide is followed by Lorde and just a few of her close friends.

Secondly, the fan - a 17-year-old fan who has great powers of detection - deduced that the posts on @onionringsworldwide tend to align with posts on Lorde’s official Instagram account.


Tennessee's where it's at for onion rings and Lorde concerts...

Apparently, the captions are also a dead giveaway.

The biography of the account reads, “Every onion ring I encounter, rated” which is, supposedly, a very Lorde-y statement.

The source also noticed that the word flavour is spelt with a “u”, the New Zealand way of spelling the word, instead of without, which is the American way of spelling it.

Lastly, the piece of evidence that seemed to cement Lorde as the owner of @onionringsworldwide, according to the fan, was her fingers.

The young detective told Newshub that “[Lorde's] fingernails look the same” as those shown on the mystery onion ring account.


We have to be honest, we can see a resemblance there.

Unfortunately for us and our fellow die-hard onion ring lovers, the @onionringsworldwide Instagram account was taken down shortly after Newshub contacted Lorde’s management for comment.

Devastating, but at least now we know where to get the best onion rings!