Lisa Wilkinson Reveals The Reason She Almost Quit The Today Show

The couple's most testing time.

Lisa Wilkinson Reveals The Reason She Almost Quit The Today Show

Image Credit: Instagram @ Lisa Wilkinson.

This month, Lisa Wilkinson is celebrating her tenth year as a co-host of The Today Show, and recently spoke out about how she nearly quit her job. 

Speaking to Stellar magazine in their upcoming issue, Lisa revealed she was willing to give up her job at the Today Show in order to help improve her marriage with Peter FitzSimons.


This is definitely a feeling that many couples can relate to, with many fans responding to Lisa’s story in support. 

Peter had been working in radio at the time and the couple were having difficulties balancing their work and family life. 

Lisa revealed, “The problem was that when you had two parents doing exactly the same hours, and the kids were in primary school and high school - they really are intense years. 

“What we discovered was basically it was two people racing to bed, and whoever was the last to bed ended up helping with the homework… Pete was always much better at getting to bed first.” 

Lisa opened up about how it was one of the most testing periods in her marriage and ended up offering to give up her job to help salvage the situation. 

Lisa recalled telling Pete, “I think I’ll give up the Today Show, because what’s happening here in these four walls is more important that any job.”

This is such a relatable feeling, with home and family life needing to be treasured over working life. 

However, wanting to support Lisa’s career, Pete instead offered to resign from his breakfast radio gig. 

Pete and Lisa have shown true strength as a couple over the years, fighting through their struggles together.