Lisa Wilkinson Has Had A Devastating End To Her European Holiday

Oh no...

Lisa Wilkinson Has Had A Devastating End To Her European Holiday

Image: @lisawilkinson Instagram

Remember last night when we showed you this awesome photo of Lisa Wilkinson having a great time swimming in sunny Europe?


Well, since then, things have gone downhill for the presenter.

Lisa took to Instagram an hour ago and revealed that her European adventure has ended with her breaking not one, but TWO broken bones!


She explained that she had a nasty fall on a wet bathroom floor and it resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

This is only the tip of the iceberg though.


Lisa wrote about her accident in detail in an article for The Huffington Post, telling her fans that this DEFINITELY wasn't how she thought she'd end her  European vacation.

"Somehow I just knew it was all too perfect...

"Today, we were just about to head out from our hotel in the village of Amalfi to the hills behind us, when I thought I'd take a quick shower to freshen up.

"I knew the floor was slippery, but the moment of falling seemed to take forever.

"Urgent phone calls. Bucket-loads of ice. Gobbled pain-killers. More agony than I've ever felt, outside of child-birth.

"Within 20 minutes my husband and I were on our way on the most windy road in the world to the local hospital, as the achingly beautiful coast rushed by: all fishing boats, beaches of brightly coloured umbrellas, thousand-year-old churches, towering mountains and more than 300 bends -- 301, counting my wrist."


You can read the full article here.

We hope you're feeling better Lisa!