Liam Payne May Have Just Let Slip He Got MARRIED

Sorry, WHAT?!

Liam Payne May Have Just Let Slip He Got MARRIED

Not to alarm you all, but we previously reported on Cheryl reverting her surname back to her maiden name, Tweedy

We also said that there might not be a chance of her name changing to Cheryl Payne for quite some time. 

Well, it turns out that we might be wrong, because Liam Payne may have just let slip some major news: that he and Cheryl have already tied the knot. 

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Liam gushed about his album photo shoot at In-N-Out Burger and let a very important word slip.

"So we did the shots and right after I'd done all the topless bits (*drools*) I missed the dinner because you can't eat because you bloat and afterwards I was like 'In-N-Out Burger, boom -

"I left my wife and child at home and I was straight out to In-N-Out Burger.”


Back up - did he just say WIFE?!

Yes, yes he did. 

One Direction fans, you’re probably in a mixed state of emotion right now - excitement and heartbreak. 

If the news is true, (which how could it not be?! You don’t just call anyone your wife… ), then we have a tonne of questions for the happy couple. 

Like how in the hell did you keep this a secret?!