Liam Payne Addresses Marriage Rumours & Hearts Sink

Sorry, folks...

Liam Payne Addresses Marriage Rumours & Hearts Sink

Image Credit: Instagram @ Liam Payne.

Fans went absolutely bonkers when Liam Payne referred to Cheryl Cole as his “wife” in an interview. 

Everyone was like, ‘WOAH! Back up a minute… Liam and Cheryl got MARRIED?! When did this happen?!’

Well, Liam has finally decided to address the rumours and his words, speaking with People magazine in a recent interview. 

Fans hearts sank when Liam revealed that he and Cheryl are just boyfriend/girlfriend (for now), explaining that, “In the U.K., you say ‘the Mrs’” when referring to a partner. 

This, Liam says, is why he often refers to her as his wife, as a means of British slang. 

Odd explanation… 

Liam did say that marriage is, “Maybe one day” on the cards, but that they’re focusing on parenthood and their careers for the time being. 

Only time will tell how this pans out!