Kylie Jenner Confirms That She's Had Her Lip Fillers Removed

She looks so different!

Kylie Jenner Confirms That She's Had Her Lip Fillers Removed @kyliejenner Instagram

Remember the time when everyone was staring at photos of Kylie Jenner to try and determine whether or not she had her lips filled?

Do you also remember her confirming that she did have lip fillers and that she had decided to get them because she was self conscious about her small lips?

There was a lot of controversy that surrounded that announcement but now, Kylie has decided to have all of her lip fillers removed!

The beauty mogul posted a photo of herself hanging out with a friend on Instagram about an hour ago and soon, fans started wondering why she looked so different in this particular photo:


A fan commented on the photo saying that "she looks like the old Kylie here idk why" and soon, the star replied to her, saying that she had recently had all of her lip fillers removed!


Whilst many fans were shocked by Kylie's reply, others started flooding the comments section saying that she still had some filler, just not the same amount that she previously did.

One fan explained that there is a reason for this:

"You can't get rid of lip filler in one session it take multiple times, I think maybe she just started."

Kylie liked the fans comment, which has led everyone to believe that she has only had one session, but plans on having more to completely remove the remaining lip filler. 

Image: @kyliejenner Instagram

Well, say goodbye to the plump-lipped Kylie everyone!

She's going back to her original look!

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