Kochie Almost Destroyed An Extremely Expensive Blazer At 'Carols In The Domain'!

That was close!

Kochie Almost Destroyed An Extremely Expensive Blazer At 'Carols In The Domain'! David Koch Facebook

On the weekend, the Sunrise team hosted one of the biggest nights in the Australian calendar, Carols In The Domain.

This is a very big honour and everyone seemed to be looking their best on the night with Natalie Barr rocking an elegant red gown...


Samantha Armytage in a beautiful navy number with silver jewellery...


And Mark Beretta rocking a while suit that looks like it came straight out of Saturday Night Fever.


But no one turned heads more than David 'Kochie' Koch, who dazzled in a floral blazer that is just, ugh, we cannot put it into words!

Image: Facebook

Whether you love him, or hate him, you cannot deny the awesomeness of his blazer and we're so glad it came out of Carols In The Domain in one piece because the presenter almost destroyed it on stage!

During a segment of the event that involved Kochie's 'Santa Tracker', whilst he was high-fiving a few carollers, the 'Santa Tracker' exploded!

Now, we don't know if it was supposed to explode or not, but because Kochie was standing so close to the machine and the explosion was a lot bigger than he anticipated, the presenter had to sprint to the other side of the stage to stop his blazer from catching fire!


If you thought this is something any of us would do, you're right, but the difference here is that Kochie was actually wearing a blazer that cost over $16,000!

You wouldn't want to burn $16,000 now would you?!