Kim Kardashian Is Teasing This Year's Christmas Card With Bare Bellies

Hint hint...

Kim Kardashian Is Teasing This Year's Christmas Card With Bare Bellies @kimkardashian Twitter

If you're an avid follower of Kim Kardashian, then you would have seen that over the last four days, she's been teasing the family Christmas card on her Twitter account.

Up until Christmas, Kim said she will be releasing new snippets from the photoshoot and then on Christmas day, we'll see the full image!

Now, this seems like a very normal thing for a Kardashian to do, but the interesting part of it all, is that Kim is posting photos of her sisters' bellies as well!

So far, the reality star has posted photos of little Saint West playing with some presents:


North West posing in front of Kim (you can see her platinum blonde hair at the top of the photo) and the mid-driff of one of her sisters:


Little Reign just doing his thing:


And finally, on the fourth day, we have a photo of Kim and North hanging out on set:


Over the last few days, it's become pretty clear that all of the Kardashian children will be heavily involved in the Christmas card, which then leads us to believe that maybe, this card will be a way to welcome in the new generation of Kardashians...

Hint, hint!

There are rumours floating around saying that the Christmas card will FINALLY tell us whether or not Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are expecting because, presumably, if it's true they'll both have bumps by the time the card is released.

Only 20 days until we find out...