Kim Kardashian Has Sent Her Fans Into Meltdown With Possible Baby Name Hint

Really, though?!

Kim Kardashian Has Sent Her Fans Into Meltdown With Possible Baby Name Hint @kimkardashian Instagram

While you were busy living your life, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram that has made Kardashian fans across the globe go into meltdown.

The reality star, model, beauty entrepreneur and owner of whatever else she has going on right now, posted a photo of the signature Louis Vuitton pattern on her Instagram and well, since it's only been a day since her third child was born, you can kind of guess why fans are freaking out about it...



Yeah, they think she's named her daughter Louis Vuitton.

Things have gone so far that someone has actually made an Instagram account for Louis Vuitton West already, with posts of the pattern and Kim's announcement that she posted on Twitter when the baby was born.


Now look, Kim and Kanye West have chosen some unique names for their children, but there are so many reasons why the name Louis Vuitton just makes no sense in their family.

For one, Kim doesn't wear that brand and well, it's the name of a brand!

Louis Vuitton would be trademarked, people...

If anything, we've got our money on the baby's name either being just Louise, or something completely different.

Plus, these days Kim prefers to announce her news on Twitter, her Instagram is just a curated pin board of photos that she genuinely likes... 

But you know, we could be completely wrong so who knows!

Is Louise Vuitton West the latest member of the Kardashian-West family?