Katy Perry’s Alleged Stalker Has Now Been Arrested

He followed her to six cities...

Katy Perry’s Alleged Stalker Has Now Been Arrested

A man, 37 years of age, has been arrested for allegedly stalking singer Katy Perry, after he reportedly followed her to six different cities. 

According to reports from TMZ, the Polish man, Pawel Jurski, was arrested after he tried to hurry through a security area at Katy’s Miami show on Wednesday night. 

He has been accused of appearing at six of her shows in different cities in the last 20 days, trying to get in contact with her. 

He is thought to have told police that he even followed Katy to a Chicago steakhouse in order to sneak up on her. 

He also reportedly replied to being asked if he would harm Katy in any way with, “I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry.”

TMZ further reported that the man appeared before court on Thursday, in Miami, and now faces felony charges of aggravated escape and stalking, and also misdemeanour charges of resisting arrest and loitering. 

The man’s bond is $34,000 and he has been ordered by court to surrender his travel documents, and have no contact with Katy by any means possible.