Karl Stefanovic's Ex-Wife Cassandra Thorburn Discusses His Engagement

Things are very icy right now...

Karl Stefanovic's Ex-Wife Cassandra Thorburn Discusses His Engagement

Earlier this week, Jasmine Yarbrough announced her engagement to Karl Stefanovic by putting a brand spanking new diamond engagement ring on display at a public function.

This morning, Karl's ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn has discussed the engagement for the first time and well, she definitely isn't happy about it.


Whilst speaking to Fairfax Media, Cassandra said "I am just focused on helping those affected by the ever-changing landscape of my ex-husband’s life, to navigate it.

"His engagement doesn’t register with me on any other level."

Karl's relationship with Jasmine became public only five months after his split from Cassandra, who he had been married to for 21 years.


When speaking to Woman's Day about the split, Cassandra said that she was focusing all of her attention on their three children.

"I get up every day with only one purpose – to make sure my three beautiful kids are happy – everything else really doesn’t matter.

"I’m only concentrating on being strong in every way, and being the best mum I can be.” 

She also said that she will not be becoming friends with her ex-husband.

"To me, it was like someone had died.

"The children still have a father but I don’t have a husband.

"He really is dead to me and no, we won’t ever be friends again.”