Karl Stefanovic Has Responded To Yesterday's Baby Rumours

As we expected...

Karl Stefanovic Has Responded To Yesterday's Baby Rumours Channel Nine

Yesterday, Woman's Day claimed that Karl Stefanovic's girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough was pregnant after snapping photos of her "protectively cradling" her stomach at the Melbourne Cup.

The magazine has come under fire from quite a few stars recently for making bold claims like this and so when the baby rumours were released out into the world, it was only a matter of time before Karl, or rather, Karl's people, responded to them.

This morning, his manager Sharon Finnigan told The Daily Telegraph that the rumours we're "absolute bulls***".

She explained that Karl and Jasmine were "offended" and "disgusted" by the claims before discussing the magazine's new reputation for publishing untrue stories.

"For 12 months this magazine has printed untrue stories about Karl and Jasmine and this is just another one of them.

"We are disgusted at what's being printed and Karl is urging people not to buy the magazine because it's untrue."