Johanna Griggs Slams Aussie Magazine Over Fake Weight Loss Story

She said it's not true!

Johanna Griggs Slams Aussie Magazine Over Fake Weight Loss Story

Johanna Griggs has slammed Woman’s Day for an article they wrote about her supposed weight loss.

The article claimed that Joh had lost 5kg, and laid out the lifestyle and fitness changes that she had apparently recently made.

Calling the piece “Creative Writing”, Johanna took to Instagram to list 14 things wrong with the article.

“If there was an award for Creative Writing - you’d win. Alas, there’s not so I’m suggesting a people’s choice award... something like, ‘The Moronic Award for Made Up Shite’,” she wrote. 

“Let’s count how many random, completely inaccurate things you’ve come up with this week. 1. I’ve lost 5 kilos NOPE. 2 I’ve adopted a healthier food plan NOPE (I always eat healthily) 3. I’ve stopped eating after 8pm. NOPE (I’m often not even home before then) 4. I’ve embraced a ‘Farmhand Workout’ NOPE (What even is that? 😂😂) 5. I’ve stopped snacking on the run NOPE 6. I cover all food groups at every meal NOPE. 7. I try to stick to darker coloured fruits and veggies NOPE 8. I now only stick to Whole Foods NOPE 9. I eat porridge for breakfast (can’t remember the last time I did that) NOPE 10. I eat light rye sandwiches and salads for lunch NOPE 11. I pack fruit in my bag so I stop snacking on biscuits on set - Again - that would be a NO. 12. I’ve adopted an unusual weightlifting regime which according to your story means I carry hay bales alongside my hubby (good little wifey that I am) Again NOPE - 13. I don’t lift weights. And haven’t since I stopped swimming... and 14. I don’t go to the gym.

“Funnily enough the last two things you say I don’t do - I actually do - so by my calculations you have managed to write an entire article that is 100% inaccurate.



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