Jennifer Lawrence Torn To Shreds For Wearing Same Outfit 2 Days In A Row

Cut the BS already.

Jennifer Lawrence Torn To Shreds For Wearing Same Outfit 2 Days In A Row

Image Credit: DailyMail.

We are all guilty of wearing the same outfit two days (or more) in a row. 

Why? Because sometimes we just don’t give an F and we love how we look in that singular outfit. 

While we all do this, most of us fear of being judged by those around us who notice our outfit repeats. 

When it’s a celeb wearing the same outfit twice though, oh boy does everyone love to tear them to shreds. 

The thing is, everyone seems to forget that they are human too, and just like us they have their favourite outfits. 

In steps the ever-effortlessly glamorous and admirable Jennifer Lawrence and some articles doing the internet ‘rounds today, which have honed in on the fact she is wearing the same dress for a second day. 

J-Law was ‘spotted’, a.k.a. hunted down by the paparazzi, on Friday wearing the same dress as she left her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky’s house. 

The so-called drama of an outfit double-up comes a few days after a video went viral of the actress dancing on a pole in a strip club. 


Jennifer has since responded to the video and gossip in the way she knows best, refusing to apologise for the controversy and going on living her life. 

She wrote on social media, “Look, nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pol by the internet. 

“I’m not gonna apologise, I had a BLAST that night."


While some are reading into the same-dress dilemma as J-Law having a loved-up night with her beau, let’s all take a step back and think of the times we’ve spent the night with our partner (before living together) and having to wear the same outfit, because it was a spur of the moment decision to stay the night as you were both having an amazing time.


We wonder… do these photos of J-Law wearing the same outfit two days in a row mean she really needs to mix up her fashion, or does it suggest that maybe the paparazzi should back the hell up for a moment and give her a day without cameras flashing in her face?

It’s a no brainer.