Hilary Duff Has Recreated Those Amazing Disney Channel Wand Videos!

"I lost all personality at that point."

Hilary Duff Has Recreated Those Amazing Disney Channel Wand Videos!

Image: Buzzfeed/Disney Channel

Earlier this year you will recall the internet was flooded with never-before-seen footage of Disney stars filming their "you’re watching Disney Channel!" wand promos… like 100 times. Now, Hilary Duff has finally talked about filming the promos and even attempted it once again!

Hilary and her Younger co-star, Sutton Foster, played a game of truth or dare game with Buzzfeed when she was asked about the videos.

“So we had to do the thing and then they put it in CGI, the mouse ears. And then they made us do it like 900 times. And I think I like lost all personality at that point. Plus, I was, like, a pubescent teen — I was like, what are they making me do, this is invisible, this isn’t cool!’ But Raven-Symoné was nailing it!

“I think I had shot the beginning of Lizzie McGuire with all those bouncy balls, and I was like, 'what is this last-minute thing?'

“It’s so good. It’s, like, Hilary with a lot of attitude. Like, 'what are they making me do?' But now I’m happy to do it because that was hilarious.

"It’s so funny."

And true to her word, Hilary recreated the unenthusiastic wand motion. However, it seems she got one step closer each and every day, but she still hasn’t quite figured it out all the way.Take a look!


... And let's watch that viral video once again!