Here's What The Names Sir & Rumi Actually Mean, In Case You Were Wondering

This is magical!

Here's What The Names Sir & Rumi Actually Mean, In Case You Were Wondering

Image: @beyonce Instagram

Yesterday we were blessed with the first image of Beyoncé's twins Sir and Rumi Carter.


About a month ago, the baby's names were leaked online and fans were pretty confused about what they meant.

When this epic photo was finally released unto us mere Beyoncé worshippers, she confirmed that she had indeed named her children Rumi and Sir.

Whilst some fans celebrated the confirmation, others were still pretty confused about why the Carter clan settled on these names...


So why Rumi and Sir?

Well, we shall tell you...

Professor Richard Coates, a professor of linguistics at the University of the West of England, told Harpers Bazaar that the name Sir is of Norman French origin.

“Sir is a word introduced as a title of honour by the Norman rulers in the 11th or 12th century. 

"It originally just meant ‘Lord'—not royal, just aristocratic or a sign of the King’s favour."

So the name Sir seems to be pretty self-explanatory, but what about Rumi?

The name Rumi is of Japanese origin and means "beauty" and "flow" according to baby name website NameBerry.

Sarah Redshaw, the Managing Editor of Baby Centre, as well as various Twitter users, also pointed out that Rumi shares the name of a 13th-century Persian poet. 

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi's explored mystery, love and joy in his work and is a pretty awesome namesake for Beyoncé's child, don't you think?

A lot of fans may still think the twins' names are pretty strange, but then, we all thought the name Blue Ivy was pretty strange when she was born, now didn't we?


Just watch, in another five years, Sir and Rumi will be slaying just as much as their older sister is now!