Heartbreaking News Regarding Hugh Hefner’s Health

Our thoughts are with them...

Heartbreaking News Regarding Hugh Hefner’s Health

Image Credit: E!

Heartbreaking news today as we learn some pretty devastating news regarding Hugh Hefner’s health.

According to reports by The National Enquirer, the 91-year-old "has just three weeks to live."

They state that he has been hiding the news about his health for quite some time and he is suffering from deadly cancer. 

The National Enquirer are also reporting that they have already made funeral plans for the Playboy icon and he will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Neither Hef nor his family have commented on the allegations, but it’s believed that his son Cooper will take over the family business and run the Playboy Mansion.

A source has revealed to the outlet that, "Hef is deteriorating rapidly. He's also stopped eating, which is a sure sign he is near the end."

Adding, "His doctors say it's just a matter of time. The verdict is it will be a miracle if he lasts more than three weeks."

Our thoughts go out to his family during the difficult time.