Harry Styles Is Making A TV Show Based On His Life & It's Actually Pretty Good!

An Aussie's in it!

Harry Styles Is Making A TV Show Based On His Life & It's Actually Pretty Good! @harrystyles Instagram / CBS

We have a genuine question to ask: Is there anything that Harry Styles cannot do?

He's a singer, an actor (see Dunkirk, everyone) and now, he's executive producing a TV show based on his own life!


The TV show is a sitcom called Happy Together and is about a 30-something-year-old couple who suddenly have a teen singer coming to live with them.

So, how does this fit into Harry's life?

Well, just after his success on the British X Factor and when One Direction was just starting to gain some traction with the teenage girls of the world, Harry lived with his friend Ben Winston and his wife in their suburban home in London.


The show is set to be pretty big because it stars Damon Wayans Jr. (of New Girl and the Wayans family fame), Amber Stevens West (who you might recognise from 22 Jump Street) and Aussie Neighbours alum Felix Mallard.

Felix will be playing the role inspired by Harry, with his cheeky Australian accent breaking up the US twang that we're so used to seeing in sitcoms like this.

Ben will be executive producing the show with Harry because obviously, they've both got their own stories about the housing situation to tell.

CBS released a sneak peek of the show on Twitter and to be honest, it actually looks pretty good!


CBS bought out Network Ten earlier this year, so although the show has no premiere date just yet, we can probably expect to see it on Ten when it does.

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