Hamish Blake Baked The Best Birthday Cake On Earth For His Son!

Dad of the year goes too...

Hamish Blake Baked The Best Birthday Cake On Earth For His Son!

Image: @zotheysay/ @hamishblakeshotz Instagram

Hamish Blake is now officially dad of the year!

This weekend Sonny Blake turned 3 and of course, his dad wanted to do something extra special for him.


Being the funny man that he is, we knew Hamish would be able to come up with something spectacular for his son's birthday but no one expected this!

First, we should probably explain that Sonny is obsessed with the Disney film Cars.

His beloved mum Zoe has mentioned it a few times, so for his birthday, Hamish decided he'd make the ultimate Cars cake.

The mission: to create a cake in the shape of Mack.

Image: Disney Pixar

He shared the process in his Instagram stories and honestly, it looked difficult as hell. 

Images: @hamishblakeshotz Instagram

But because he's determined, and an absolute genius, he did it.

Zoe shared the finished product on her Instagram and it looks phenomenal!


"This is the Mack truck cake my husband made (the night before, starting at 8:30 pm, equipped with many beers and no idea) for our Disney Cars fanatic of a son.

"Sure, I heckled, and no, I didn't think it would work, but that's cos I suck at cakes/art/icing/things requiring patience and fine detail, and happily outsource birthday cakes right on out.

"But he did it.

"And it's perfect.

"Especially since he'd a) never heard of fondant before, b) didn't Goog a step-by-step for guidance, and c) didn't throw a huge sh**fit and then a rolling pin by 8:47pm like I would have.

"He made a promise to a boy, and he fulfilled it, and he even pulled off that ludicrous edible-hinge (not pictured) bullshit that had me eye-rolling for Australia.

"Good dads doing good deeds deserve good talk, so good on you, Hamie Oliver."

This looks AMAZING!

The cake even opens at the back to show toy cars sitting in the trailer!

We now proclaim Hamish Blake the King of Cakes!


Bow down!