Georgie Gardner Opens Up About Her Miscarriages On ‘The Today Show’

"I found that incredibly offensive."

Georgie Gardner Opens Up About Her Miscarriages On ‘The Today Show’ Channel Nine

Yesterday, Candice Warner revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage following the Australian cricket team’s ball-tampering scandal involving her husband, David Warner.

In wake of the news, The Today Show’s Georgie Gardner decided to open up about the struggles she faced after suffering multiple miscarriages herself, and how she found the words of friends attempting to console her “incredibly offensive”.

“I wanted reasons, I wanted answers, I wanted to know why,” she explained on the breakfast show.

“I actually had a traumatic experience before I miscarried my first and immediately made that association.

“One of the common things I came across, having miscarried twice myself, is people immediately asking, ‘How far along were you? What week were you?’

“As if to almost suggest that if it was the first trimester, or not far into the second trimester, it almost wasn’t a baby. I found that incredibly offensive.”


Although upon reflection, Georgie understands that her friends had good intentions, they just couldn’t fully understand what she was going through.

“People mean well, but they just don’t know how to tackle it. I was very vocal, but I found that quite a lot of people were uncomfortable with that.”

With up to 1 in 4 confirmed pregnancies ending in miscarriage before 20 weeks, the topic is very painful for a lot of couples.

She wrapped up the segment stating, “I’m so glad we’ve discussed this today, I personally feel it’s a very important topic to address. We’re a little emotional over here.”

Georgie and her husband, Tim, are parents to daughter Bronte (12) and son Angus (10). 

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