Fans Lose It Over Freaky Item Geri Horner Keeps In Her Bathroom

Hell to the NO!

Fans Lose It Over Freaky Item Geri Horner Keeps In Her Bathroom

Image Credit: Instagram @ The Real Geri Halliwell.

This may divide some of you, because for many this is a big no no. 

For others, the idea doesn’t phase them at all as they must not have an overactive imagination that makes them freak out about everything. 

Nonetheless, fans are finding this item that former Spice Girl Geri Horner keeps in her bathroom. 


Yesterday, the star took to Instagram to share an inspiring short video of herself in her bathroom, trying to get motivated to get back into her fitness routine. 

Her views towards exercise were basically all of us. 

What wasn’t ‘all of us’, however, was the items she likes to keep stored in her bathroom. 



Notice it?

Basically, Geri likes to keep all the Spice Girl action figure dolls of herself in her bathroom… staring at her as she does her hair, cleans her teeth and ducks in their late at night in the dark. 

Creepy? A lot of fans think so. 

Fans are comparing it to their nightmares from the classic film Chucky - which was all about a maniac doll who comes to life and starts hunting people down. 


Not the ideal mentality you want to have as a kid growing up with dolls…

Needless to say, our childhood nightmare has carried on with us into adulthood and we would not want to go anywhere near Geri’s bathroom…