Fans Enraged As Russell Crowe’s ADORABLE Pup Denied Entry To Game

Who could turn down this cutie?!

Fans Enraged As Russell Crowe’s ADORABLE Pup Denied Entry To Game

Image Credit: Instagram @ Russell Crowe.

We all wish we could take our dogs everywhere with us, but sadly it ain’t always the case. 

Russell Crowe felt the brunt of this injustice (because our pups are humans too…) this week when his adorable new blue heeler puppy was denied entry to a local footy game… despite another dog owner being allowed to take their dog right on in!


Russell went to Mascot Oval to watch a Souths Juniors match, taking along his new pup QueBlue, when an unfriendly official denied him entry with the pup. 

The official said that there was a very strict no dog policy at the grounds, but only a short while later did a dog owner walk their poodle right on through to the grounds. 

Russell then told the officials that the dog was a “team mascot,” but wasn’t given any special treatment to allow his adorable pup on through. 

How could anyone refuse this face?! He’s so freakin’ cute!!!!


Russell soon made his way into the grounds and a friend looked after his pup, but he wasn’t happy about the situation, reportedly telling The Daily Telegraph, “He lives up in Coffs and is only visiting the state capital. Not a nice way to treat visitors from the bush. 

“Besides, he’s a Blue Heeler, Shouldn’t that be revered in this state?

“Especially in league circles. That might be the NSW Blues team woes explained right there.”

Fans got behind Russell’s stance on the matter, because how the hell could anyone turn down QueBlue…?!