Fans Don’t Know WTF Is Going On With Meghan Markle’s Accent

Something has changed...

Fans Don’t Know WTF Is Going On With Meghan Markle’s Accent AAP Photos

Meghan Markle really has become the talk of the Royal family, filling up our social media feeds with news of Royal protocols she apparently breaks and the latest fashion she is wearing, as well as all the good deeds she is carrying out. 

Now, she’s in your news feed again, but for a different reason!

There’s a new Royal documentary coming out, called Queen of the World, which is all about the Queen’s long rule and her commitment to the Commonwealth, as well as sneak peeks into her everyday life. 

While the focus should be on the Queen, everyone’s actually put the spotlight on Meghan, who features in it in one of her first interview as the Duchess of Sussex

What’s so strange? Take a look and listen!


Meghan’s natural American accent is missing and she’s seemed to have adopted a more British twang!

Fans have though this for a while now and this further supports the theory she is trying to adopt the accent to better adapt to the Royal life. 

If we’re being honest, you can still hear her American accent pull through, she just seems to have tried to dull it down a bit. 

I’m sure if any Aussie was adopted into the Royal family, we’d try to pull back our bogan accents… 

So, we can understand this. 


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