Fans Divided By Drake’s Quickly Deleted Instagram Posts

Where do you stand?

Fans Divided By Drake’s Quickly Deleted Instagram Posts

Fans were left divided by Drake's latest Instagram posts which were both deleted within a matter of minutes. 

While fans are used to Drake's Instagram feed being flooded with images of money, sneakers, performances, merchandise, and the artist's perfect head, his latest posts definitely caught the attention of many - and for some, it was for all the wrong reasons. 

The 31-year-old posted a series of snaps of him partying it up in a strip club, with a group of dancers, and a whole tonne-a-cash in-hand. 

While many of the rapper's fans were just happy to see their man living his best and well-deserved life, others were taken aback by the content of the images. 

Although, before the comments' section had time to turn into a full-blown keyboard war between the two sides, both images were taken down. 

It's still unclear if Drake himself decided to take down the posts, or if the images were reported - remember, Instagram can hardly handle side boob. 

Where do you stand? Do you find these photos offensive or are you simply happy to see Drake living it up! Let us know in the Facebook comments!