Fans Are Freaking Over The Jonas Brothers SECRET Project

Is it finally happening?!

Fans Are Freaking Over The Jonas Brothers SECRET Project Hollywood

The Jonas Brothers rose to fame when we were all going bonkers for the Camp Rock movies. 

Now, the band may be no more, but the brothers are making serious careers for themselves. 

While they’re all on the up and up, they’ve given into reminiscing on the past and have reportedly been working on a secret project that has fans freaking out!

The trio were spotted in Australia a few weeks ago, with a camera crew. They’ve been spotted again this week, with the same camera crew, fuelling rumours that they’re making a DOCUMENTARY together!


This all comes as they were spotted with their camera crew filming their every move in their hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey. 


The filmmaker behind Demi Lovato’s documentary Simply Complicated, Grant MacDowell, is thought to be onboard the project after he posted a video to Insta with the hashtags #newyork #bagel #nj #documentary #film. 


This feels so right…

Are YOU keen on watching their doco?

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