Everyone's Convinced Bindi Irwin & Her Boyfee Chandler Are ENGAGED

Waiting on confirmation...

Everyone's Convinced Bindi Irwin & Her Boyfee Chandler Are ENGAGED Instagram @ Bindi Irwin

If the latest rumours are to be believed, national treasure Bindi Irwin may have just taken things one loving step further with her boyfriend Chandler Powell!

Everyone's convinced that Bindi and Chandler may now be engaged after a post from Bindi's mum, Terri Irwin.

Terri shared a post of side-by-side photos, one of Bindi as a little girl, holding a frog, and the other of Bindi and Chandler together. 

She captioned the post with, "After many years of kissing frogs, it finally paid off!"


While the post in itself isn't enough to scream 'they're engaged', it's certainly how fans want to take it, posting congratulations and speculations in reply. 

Yes, this may all be a giant misconstruing of information and everyone projecting their own desires for the couple to get engaged onto the situation, but hey - we're just happy that Bindi and Chandler seem to be living a happy life together. 

That's all anyone ever wants. 

Basically, we share the same feelings as this chick who Tweeted in reply to Terri:


Team Bindi & Chandler forever...


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