Dame Helen Mirren Brutally Nails James Corden During Rap Battle, Is Officially Queen Of Everything

She wins everything!

Dame Helen Mirren Brutally Nails James Corden During Rap Battle, Is Officially Queen Of Everything CBS

Meryl Streep, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith are all actresses we consider to be Hollywood Royalty regardless of how many movies they've done or how many times they've met the actual Queen.

Now, Helen Mirren (who is also a Dame, fyi) seems to be forgotten about when these three actresses are discussed and James Corden, one of the funniest late night TV presenters, knows this.

So, when she agreed to appear on The Late Late Show with the British comedian, he wanted to remind the world just how magnificent she is... even if it came at his own expense!

James challenged Helen to a rap battle and she absolutely DESTROYED him!

Although James was supposed to kick the battle off, Helen decided to make her awesomeness known by telling him to "bow down, kneel, baby, kneel".

He refused but he should have, to be honest.

James kicked off his first verse by telling Helen that although she's considered film royalty in the U.K, "this is America, Meryl Streep lives here", and that she's a pain in his "a**", which was pretty good, but then the Dame got him with this great line:

"You thought you could beat me sorry, game over, I'll cook this beef for his wife and her lover!"



Things just got better from there.

James said she's not up to Dame Judi Dench's standard, so Helen came back with:

"This battle is fun, I'm glad that you asked, it's the only bit you didn't find in Jimmy Fallon's trash."



Then James went on about how Helen wasn't in Harry Potter or any of the James Bond films, again implying that she's not as good as her peers.

This is where Helen seemed to be tipped over the edge and decided to tell James exactly why comparing her to other actresses is pointless:

"You f****ed up James, you desperate tater tot, a woman's worth isn't credits or who says she's hot. 

"Boys club bulls*** I'm done with that cr**, you're welcome for this headline 'Helen Mirren Can Rap'.

"Compare me to Meryl, Judi, Maggie but why? They're not my competition they're my ride or die.

"See women are a force to be reckoned with and I reckon I wrecked you, you've been to Helen back bi***."

Helen Mirren is a QUEEN!

Schooling James about the power of women and nailing him in a rap battle, is there anything she can't do?!