Channel Seven's Mel McLaughlin’s Terrifying Ordeal With 'Jealous' Stalker

Police are investigating.

Channel Seven's Mel McLaughlin’s Terrifying Ordeal With 'Jealous' Stalker

Image Credit: The Project / Channel Ten.

Channel Seven presenter Mel McLaughlin is currently at the centre of a terrifying ordeal involving a stalker, after a USB stick was left behind at a fast food store. 

McDonald’s staff in Mascot, Sydney, were handed the misplaced USB stick in March and it was then passed on to police.

The USB contained 18 hours of unauthorised surveillance footage of Mel, including vision of her walking with colleagues in the city, going to the cinema with children, driving in traffic and visiting her family. 


Before the USB arose, police were already investigating a series of threats which had been recorded on a Seven Network phone used by Mel

Police have since upped investigations, after reports of dozens of new threats and a break-in at Mel’s apartment in the North Shore. 

A 37-year-old man has been interviewed by police in relation to the threats, despite Mel’s request for the investigation to proceed no further. 

James Morrison, news director of Seven Network Sydney, recently confirmed that police had been in contact with the network, saying, “Police have been involved in investigating a series of threats and serious incidents.

“I am aware that police have spoken to a suspect several times and warned him. Despite the warning, the problem has continued.”

According to reports form television insiders, Mel was threatened that the man would destroy her if she attempted to obtain an AVO. 

“Police have been great in helping Mel with security and are taking this very seriously. The next step is to take out restraining orders to further protect her from the man."

We sincerely hope that Mel’s safety is protected and this situation is resolved.