Bindi Irwin Wishes Boyfriend Chandler Happy Bday With The Cutest Message & We’re Crying

These two!

Bindi Irwin Wishes Boyfriend Chandler Happy Bday With The Cutest Message & We’re Crying @bindisueirwin Instagram

Bindi Irwin has taken to Instagram to share the sweetest birthday message for Chandler Powell and honestly, our hearts hurt! 

They've swiftly become one of Australia's favourite couples, with fans of the young wildlife warrior "awing" and "nawing" over every photo Bindi shares of Chandler.

While the 19-year-old has never been shy about expressing the love she holds for her boyfriend with the whole of Australia, the message she has shared to celebrate his birthday just proves how head over heels Bindi truly is! 

"Happy Birthday to my friend, my team mate and the love of my life @ChandlerPowell," she began. 

"Words will always fall short in describing how much you mean to me. Your caring heart and strength inspires me every day.

"I love your hugs and the way you smile at me when I start singing while I make tea. I love watching you write in your journal every afternoon and when you surprise me with my favourite flowers just because. I love that you open every door for me and always bring an extra coat with you because you know I'll forget mine and be cold. I love it when you're so happy that you do a dance/wiggle (I have no other way to describe it). I love your strength during challenging times. I love your kindness towards every person and animal you meet. I love you because of a thousand reasons that I could spend a lifetime counting.

"I am beyond thankful that we met on that November day in 2013. I can't wait for more adventures today, celebrating your 21st birthday together. Let's go hike a mountain! 

"You are my sunshine."


These two are just TOO MUCH! 

Also, Bindi, could you please share with us this "dance/wiggle" you love so much? It sounds like something we may enjoy as well!