Bindi Irwin Receives Extreme Backlash After Posting About Same-Sex Marriage

"My heart is broken for what you choose"

Bindi Irwin Receives Extreme Backlash After Posting About Same-Sex Marriage @bindisueirwin Instagram

Bindi Irwin is currently under fire from online followers after she took to Instagram to express her support of next month’s same-sex postal vote.

Earlier today, Australia's favourite animal warrior uploaded a photo of herself and friend Luke Reavley with rainbow paint on their faces, urging the country to vote YES in next month's vote. 

"I'll see you on the bright side of history, Australia," she said. "Remember to Vote YES for marriage equality. Every love is beautiful and equal." 


While her message of love and equality was met with a tonne of support from her loyal followers, the 19-year-old also received an excessive amount of backlash for her opinion. 

Sne1479 wrote, "@bindisueirwin you have seen miracles, yes?? Who do you think they come from? I have followed, respected and followed your family since before you were born. Who do you think saves and brings to you all of your precious animals? A ghost??? No! God has proven to you time and time again that HE exists through every single animal that you through HE saves. You have a beautiful spirit that I have admired and been envious of. I hope and pray that you actually read the Bible one day and perhaps, change your beliefs and stand up for them, if that's what you choose. My heart is broken tonight for what you choose. God Bless you and your family." 

Another follower, gamaaprila, wrote, "Really disappointed!" 

Vernon4807 said, "Bindi Irwin stay out of politics and political affairs, you choose to be a caretaker of God's creations as all of mankind is supposed to be, marriage is between man and woman, do you wish to be working against Jehovah God Almighty who invented marriage, I'm sure you don't understand but that's up to you to find out truth."

"Talk about a let down. Here I though you stood for Christian morals..." wrote Lechar93

Thankfully, Bindi's loyal following has got her back, supporting her for sharing such an important message! 

Vote yes to love!